Our Story

Our church was founded in 1867-68 as First United Brethren Church. A traveling preacher from Louisville challenged a group of people with whom he had been meeting to form a church. After a number of children were converted, the members decided to build their own building. In 1869, under the leadership of Rev. Joshua Cecil, our first church building was constructed at the corner of Charles and Willet Streets (now 13th St.)


The revival of 1891 brought in 45 new members. The 10th minister, Reverend Williamson from Tow Saw, England, Challenged the congregation to build a more central location. The corner of Cleveland Ave. SW and 10th (now 5th) was chosen. The dedication of the new building was held in September 1894. In July of 1896 the congregation traded their old building for an organ. A fee of $1,150.00 was also needed to cover the moving and installation costs of the organ


Under the 11th minister, Reverend Peter Camp, a Dutch bake oven was added in 1897. The new oven operated by the women of the church, and they baked and sold bread and other baked goods to help pay the debts of the church. This continued from 1897 to 1906. A 2500 seat addition was added under the 14th minister, Reverend Charles Record.


On November 14, 1946 we became the First Evangelical United Brethren Church. This change took place during the pastoral period of our 20th minister, Reverend George Wetherbee.


On March 8, 1953 we voted to build a new building at 12th St. NW and Clarendon Avenue. Reverend Kenneth Hulit presided over the first service in the new building which was held on Easter Sunday 1958. Under Reverend Dr. Abraham L. Brandyberry another expansion program was undertaken with the dedication taking place on May 2, 1965.


The present minister, Dr. Joel L. Adkins, 2013, was preceded by 29 ministers. We continue a long history of growing in love and caring by the grace of God, our faith in Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit